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The Intergalactic Exploratory Probe Evad
Shown with Three Sub-Probes

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The Mission Briefing...

Due to the extreme velocity and linear trajectory that was preset when the intergalactic exploratory Probe Evad was launched, the fabrication module of Probe Evad will assemble and release sub-probes to investigate points of interest along its preprogrammed path throughout the Universe.

Unlike Probe Evad, which has on-board power recharging technologies, the sub-probes are only equipped with short-term power modules, limiting their exploratory capabilities. Probe Evad can, however, alter the size and mission capabilities of each sub-probe based on independent needs analysis of points of interest as they arise.

As each sub-probe is released, it separates itself from its Communication Relay Pod, which remains within the flight trajectory of Probe Evad, while the sub-probe itself proceeds on its way to its programmed destination.  Subsequently, Probe Evad’s transmissions will consist of a random collection of reports as they are relayed by the Communication Relay Pods of the released sub-probes.


Welcome to the official web site dedicated to the science fiction fantasy adventure series The Worlds Of Evad™.  The following is a brief overview of the main areas of this site:

Products: Here you will find product descriptions and ordering information for all official merchandise related to The Worlds Of Evad™ science fiction series including the story that started it all!

Transmissions: Here you will find samples from the series Excerpt DVD and as they become available, special update mission transmissions that are received from the Deep Space Exploratory Consortium (DSEC).

About The Author: Some general information about the author and creator of The Worlds Of Evad™.

DSEC Updates: Here you will find information regarding the blog entries from the Director of the DSEC, mission update posts from the various DSEC Department and/or Project Supervisors and news posts from the official world media representatives authorized to cover and report on the DSEC missions and activities, as well as special DSEC Transmissions as they become available.

Contact Us: A simple submission form for you to send us your comments, suggestions and/or questions regarding this series and/or this web site.

Links: Links to some of our friends and favorite sites.

Join the journey throughout the vastness of space...

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